Tuesday, February 17, 2015

This time last year, I embarked on a 70-day processed-sugar-free challenge, and made it the entire time, despite (or perhaps because of!) it being over Valentine's Day, and Easter, and All Junk On Sale Week.  I passed it with flying colours!

This year I decided to do it again, starting February 9th, and this time for a full 100 days.

Yes, you read right--100 days, 100% processed sugar free!

I don't know if I'm remembering last year with rosy glasses or not, but this year seems to be a bit more of a challenge (I'm just over a week in).  Not that it's horrific, but my mind has been doing a lot of, "Ooh look at that!", "That looks yummy!", "It's so pretty!  I wonder what it tastes like?" etc.

Of course I'm in control.  Right?  Yes, I'm in control.  Yes.  Just repeating to drive the point home LOL.

In all seriousness I am in control.  And I know how my body reacts to processed sugar--basically I feel like a big pile of crapola.  And I'm bitchy.  Whoa nelly do I get mood swings eating processed sugar!  Beware ye people on the street, daring to be in my path!  Beware the cold for being too cold and the hot for being too hot!

I'm doing well.  Yes, the little sugar voices in my head are whispering, but I just don't speak their language.  No speekee sugaree!

On a completely different note, in the next few weeks I'm going to start a juice and chew feast as inspired by Cookie Taylor at Reach4Raw!  I have to figure out the details, and I definitely won't be doing it until May or June (aka until it warms up...seriously it has been literally PAINFULLY COLD here!) and things start to get cheaper and in season.  Makes sense, right?

I'm also going to rope a friend into doing it with me.  I approached her way back in January about it (was it really just last month?!) and she said she was interested, but we didn't talk about it after that LOL.  I'll remind her when I've figured stuff out.

Excited!  Moving onward with my journey back to health!  Operation 2015!!  Ain't this picture sexy?  Hot damn!

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