Sunday, February 23, 2014

This is a year of change.  Big change if I have anything to do with it.  Big honking change, which will fundamentally alter the paradigm that is my life...BUT will enable me to become the person I've always felt I was, but was actively denying myself from achieving.

In order to change my paradigm, I have to be willing to be uncomfortable.  Perhaps very uncomfortable.  Comfort comes from the familiar, and since that will no longer be the case, I'm bound to be...uncomfortable.

It simply must be done, however.

Step One was to figure out what I wanted to accomplish this year, and I believe I've mostly figured that out, though it may be updated as time goes on.  Then work them into steps to accomplish.

Step Two is upon me.  Step Two is to deal once and for all with my processed sugar addiction.

The deets:

*  Stop eating processed sugar in obvious things like sweets.  I started Feb 19/14 and it will go for 2 months until April 20th.
*  Limit processed food.

I'm limiting processed foods for a few reasons.  One, there's processed sugar in virtually ALL
processed food, even things you wouldn't expect in, like savoury snacks and "diet" ready-made meals.  Two, I have found that if I eat less sugar, I crave more salt and unhealthy fats.  Since sugar, salt and unheathy fats are in all processed foods in varying amounts, limiting it seems like a good proactive step. :)

The reasons WHY I'm doing this are many, and in no particular order:

I enjoy it at the time, but shortly thereafter I have a lot of rather clear symptoms that tell me my body does NOT like processed sugar, including fatigue, mood wings, heaviness in my body, and of course ultimate weight gain.

The other part of it is I now know the APPALLING effects that processed sugar has on my long-term health.  When I was younger, I could kind of brush off the idea that consuming so much processed sugar was bad for me, saying that I didn't feel affected by it at all (which wasn't really true, because I didn't know how I COULD feel without it, thus had nothing to compare my supposedly "fine" feeling to), but now, as I enter my 40's, I'm starting to feel my body rebelling.  There are days when I feel like my body is falling apart.  And that is SCARY.  What in the world is my life going to be like when I reach retirement age?!

Premature aging is usually something talked about by cosmetic companies who mean what you look like on the outside as you get older.  But premature aging can also mean the speeding up of the aging of your body.  When your body is prematurely aging, it likely will lead to not only a diminished quality of life, but also a diminished quantity of life.  I already feel far older than I did
just a few years ago, and I know it's because of the not-so-good food choices I've made.  I do also eat healthy, clean, whole foods, so the fact that the "unclean" foods I consume has affected me so much is alarming, not only for myself, but for the many people in the world who eat FAR more junk than I do!

I also know that it can be reversed with good food choices, and moving my body.  The biggest part of that is the removal of the vast majority processed sugar from my diet, permanently.

So!  For these 2 months, processed sugar will be all but eliminated.  NO obvious things like sweets with processed sugar in them, and very limited processed foods since I know they also contain processed sugar (among other things).

Today is day 4.  I wanted to blog about this when I started, but I also wanted to have a few days behind me so I could talk about my experiences as I go.

Day one wasn't bad at all, since I've gone a day without processed sugar before.  Day two was a bit more of a challenge, as at the end of the work day I kept thinking that I'd stop by the grocery store after work and "pick something up" which of course means something either ready-made or pre-made that just needs heating in the oven.  AND lately has also meant buying chocolate.  You know, "Just this one time" which of course is a lot more than just that one time!

Day three was my first real challenge, because I was hungry at one point and wanted to "pick
something up" SO badly, and I was also really wanted chocolate.  It wasn't a full-blown craving, where you're doubled over, clutching your stomach (went through that was sugar in the past), but I really wanted it.  I didn't have it however.

Today is day 4.  So far it's been good, but I'm at home, and there's no junk at home.  There's junk at the store, which is only a block away, but I'm too lazy to go out in the cold and "pick something up" LOL!  Hey man, whatever you gotta do, right?

Up until about 2 or 3 years ago, I took FOUR sugar in my tea.  FOUR people.  I whittled it down and down, until I was to 1/2 a sugar.  Then one day when waiting for the bus, I thought that if I was at such a small amount, why am I taking any sugar at all?  So I started drinking my tea with no sugar.  If you'd told me a few years ago that I'd enjoy my tea with NO sugar, I'd think you were daft.  I'd tried going cold-turkey before with sugar in my tea, and found it disgusting.

My experience with my tea gives me hope that I can and will adjust my lifestyle to where I want it to be, I just need to keep working at it.  I know sugar (and processed foods my extension) are my biggest hurdle, and are also the things which are the worst for me, which is why I decided to tackle them first.  Get the worst part over with right away, instead of worrying about it in the future, right?
Onward and upward from here!  Here's a great video about processed sugar that I watched today.  You may never look at the "white stuff" the same again!

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