Friday, March 15, 2013

Why you may ask, well I'll tell you!

I had 2 decent-sized bags of baby spinach that needed to be used up (I got a little over-zealous and bought EIGHT of them last week... O.O) and I knew I couldn't eat it all in the next day or so, so what did I do? 

I dehydrated them for 12 hours, let them cool fully, then stuffed every last leaf in the blender, and blended them until they were powder! They're just as nutritious because I dehydrated them on a cool setting (110F). And to make matters even cooler, adding just a couple of tbsp to smoothies will add a WHACK of nutrients, because those tablespoons represent a few handfuls! Who needs to purchase expensive fancy greens plus? Not me!

No more wasted greens!!! YAY!!!

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