Friday, April 5, 2013

The Eat Clean Diet is having a great contest!

They're currently engaged in a Fresh Start for Spring Campaign, and the first step is to clean up your shopping carts, pantry and fridge!

Click on Reclaim Your Cart! for the full details, and to enter.  All you have to do, is take a pic of your clean, healthy cart, pantry or fridge, and send it in!

To get you started, here's a pic of my cupboard as it appears at this moment:

  The contest has inspired me to create the same order in my fridge.  My fridge is VERY full each weekend after my trip to the farmer's market, and I find that I sometimes forget what's in there until the following weekend, when unfortunately sometimes it's not good anymore.  I really dislike wasting food, and I think putting most of the stuff in clear containers (if I see it, I'll want to eat it!) will make a big difference.  Stay tuned for that pic!!

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