Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Why shop at your local Farmer's Market, instead of at your grocery store?

Other than freshness and how long it lasts before you are able to eat it, the PRICE is much less!

Check it out--


3 pints blueberries plus 2 pounds strawberries=$10
6 assorted bell peppers--all the more expensive colour--$3 (2/$1)



Zehrs (my local supermarket)

3 pints blueberries=$9.97
2 pounds strawberries=$9.98
Bell peppers--generally $3.99/lb so if 6 peppers are 2 lbs, then $7.98



Nuff said.  Check out your local farmer's market today!!

If you're worried about using all the berries on time, just remove them from their packages, give them a rinse, and place them in a single layer on a tea towel.  Dab the tops of them dry, and allow to completely dry, then put in freezer-proof containers or baggies.  I usually use containers, but they were all being used.

I kept one pint of blueberries and one of the pounds of strawberries in the fridge, so that I could add them to things like salads, cereal, etc.  The ones in the freezer are perfect for using in things like smoothies.

$10 worth of berries sure will go a long way!!

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