Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I’ve been thinking over the past few days about any goals I might want to accomplish by the end of 2013. I could of course do the same goals that everyone seems to do automatically, but then I thought I should give it some real thought, and find out what I REALLY want to accomplish next year. So here they are, in no particular order:

· Live my clean life, as though I’ve already reached my fitness goals. I’m sick to death of being in the head space of “I want to be this size”, “I want to be under this body fat %” etc. I’ve been thinking about that kind of thing for so long, that I don’t know anymore how to NOT think that way. So what will it mean in real life? I’ll eat cleanly automatically because that’s the life I want. I will not weigh, measure or compare myself to others, because that’s no longer my life. I will exercise because I love how it makes me feel, and because I know it will keep me healthy.

· I will do what makes me happy. I’ve spent much of the past few years making sacrifices for other people on their road to success and happiness. It’s time to do what makes ME happy too! Making other people happy makes me happy, but I would like to do stuff just for me, you know? What that will mean is getting up with the alarm, because I don’t like rushing in the morning. It means finishing my novel, and being proud of it. It means continuing to spread the clean life to others, because seeing how it changes their lives for the better makes me happy. There will be other things I’m sure, and I’ll be sure to do them too!

· I will learn about the food from different cultures. I’ve always been a foodie. Even as a child, when we were very poor (like Oprah as a kid poor—po as she called it!) I had a taste for good food. I don’t know where it came from; it’s not like I was exposed to much of it, but it’s always been that way. I’ve very recently started to learn about Turkish cuisine, and I’m pretty darned inspired already! I even already have a cookbook to start with!  I'm going to start with Susamli ve Corek Otlu Pide Ekmergi which is Pita Bread Topped with Sesame and Black Caraway seeds.  Apparently it can be made 1/2 inch thick to be ripped and eaten, or made thinner and turned into pita bread with pockets, just by making it wider and thinner!  I love the idea of making my own pita, especially if it has flavour!!!  Imagine--eating pita which tastes good all on it's own!  How NOVEL!!

It looks like most Turkish cuisine is pretty clean.  There is SO no need to be bored with Clean Eating—the whole world of delicious dishes is at my fingertips! And taste buds!! Every once in a while I forget that (we all get stuck in ruts, right?) so this should fan the flames even higher!

· Do other things that make me a better me, as I discover them!

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