Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One week from today, on September 5th, I'm officially going insane.  Insanity workout insane.

Let me tell you, it's name doesn't tell the half of it.  I got Insanity last week, and knew from the previews that I would be in for the ass-kicking of my life.  All 63 days of it.

Check it out:


I read the meal plan, because I wanted to see if I needed to tweak my clean eating to get enough food and macronurtients, and I was surprised at how clean the plan was.  I'm doing my version, because I simply can't eat that much meat, but I'm making sure to get in tonnes of protein and lots of carbs.  I did the computations, and I need to eat a LOT of food!  It totally makes sense though--you work out ultra super duper hard.  I would think your workouts would suffer, as well as your recovery, if you thought you knew better and ate too little.  For anyone who is afraid of food and calories, but wants to do this workout plan, my advice to you is to leave your previous mentality at the door if you want to see results.  You simply will not get the desired results out of Insanity if you starve your body.

This week I've been testing things out, to figure out the food, and also to check out the workouts by doing a few rather than just watching them.  So, I did the fit test, and the first workout so far, and plan to do 1-2 more workouts before the official start day.

The fit test kicked my butt.  It's 10 minutes of going all-out in one minute intervals with a break in between, and I thought I'd die.  Then I did the first workout...  And threw up in my mouth a little.  Fortunately it was mostly my pre-workout drink in my tummy!  Was that too much information?  Well, as I post about this INSANE 63-day journey, you're likely going to get it as it is, so get ready for the truth!

After the first workout, I noticed something green on the floor.  Turns out I left my ass on the floor.  Why was it green?!  Because it was GRASS.

I'ma gonna DIE.

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