Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's war!!!

Junk food has always been part of my life.  At one point it was a HUGE part of my life, while the rest of the time it's been around less, but still WAY too often. 

I've been reading a very interesting e-book called "Raw Emotions", which has really illuminated some things with regard to my relationship with food.  It's from the perspective of going raw, but it could really be applied to any healthy eating lifestyle, such as eating clean, whole foods over junk. 

I've realized that my attachment to junk food seems to be something other than how it tastes--I don't really like it all that much for the most part.  Perhaps it's comfort, perhaps something else, but what is clear as day is that it needs to STOP!  All the lovely raw foods I've been eating lately have shown me, and my body, that I really need to eliminate most, if not all, the junk food out of my daily life.  I feel so fantastic when I'm eating really well, and so sick when I eat junk...and yet I still eat it.

It's time for an old fashioned SMACK DOWN!  Take no prisoners!!!

Phase One--White Death.

I have five huge trigger foods, and numero uno is processed sugar.  I'm not alone in this I know--processed sugar truly is an evil substance.  And I want it GONE.

I don't want to have to fight the want for it forever.  I don't want it to be part of my regular life at all--to not even think of refined sugar anymore would be unbelievably fantastic!  When I don't have it, I find myself wanting it less and less as time goes on, but when I have it often, I'm constantly fighting my cravings.  Every 5 minutes it seems, I'm saying, "No!' to myself...or "OK".  I don't want a narrative around sugar at all! 

Back at the beginning of the year, I went six full weeks white death free.  NONE whatsoever.  It got to the point where it wasn't even an issue anymore...and then I slid back into old habits again.  I want that back again--but permanently.  Once I get into that head space again, there shouldn't really be any difference between 6 weeks and 6 months...or 6 years.  When it's out of my head, it should be GONE.  At that point, the ONLY reason I'll ever be back where I am, and have been forever, is if I DECIDE to let it back into my life.  It's MY CHOICE.  And I will choose health, joy and vitality!!

I'm drawing a line in the sand.  IT SHALL NOT PASS!  (little Gandalf wisdom there!)

On another note, I'm increasing the volume of green smoothie I'm drinking.  Every time I get to the bottom of my bottle I'm like, "aawwwweeeee..." so I might as well indulge myself!  I mean come on people!  It's salad in a jar!! : )  I figure I'll make a full mason jar's worth, which I think is at least a quart.  They're so darned tasty, and so darned nutritious!  Maybe the green smoothie will become my replacement for sugar!!

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