Saturday, July 9, 2011

I suspected that salt and saturated fat cravings would come on strong, once I kicked processed sugar to the curb, and boy was I right!  I found myself diving into an entire bag of chips and onion dip, and only came up for air when the bag was finished.  Wholly mother!

So, from this I'm choosing to make fried foods also a "no fly zone".  I was going to do it anyway, but I had been thinking that I'd work on one vice at a time, the first being the worst--sugar.  But I now know that it will be much kinder to both my body, and my emotions, if I eliminate fried things sooner than later.  It's also my oh-so-lovely PMS time, so I know that if I "give in" at all, that will lead to more more MORE!!  Best to love myself enough to avoid the whole situation. 

It's my solemn pledge to not force processed sugar and fried things on my body from this moment on.  My body doesn't want it.

I have no idea what my body is fully capable of.  I already can do things that I never would have thought possible 10 years ago:  I can run, I can hike, I can cross my legs and tie my shoes without cutting off my air (because my stomach squished my lungs and diaphragm), I can take the stairs without needing to rest afterwards, I have baby muscles which are turning slowly into adolescents...  My blood pressure and cholesterol are "rock star" (doctor's words!), and yet I've never really given my body a chance to become it's healthiest and most vibrant and powerful, because I've still eating junk. 

I'll be 38 years old in 13 days, and it's time I start acting like an adult!  Just because a lot of people eat junk every day doesn't mean that it's OK.  I don't want to just be "above average health" because frankly that doesn't really mean much, when you think about it.  If 30% of people are really unhealthy (due to lifestyle choices, not illnesses they can't help having), 40% are OK but not great, and 30% are healthy, then if I'm "above average" that doesn't mean that I'm particularly healthy at all...just that I'm healthier than the average.  Out of 100% (100% being freakishly uber-healthy, and 0% being dead), then "average health" with the percents above would be 33%.  Is 33/100 a passing grade??  Isn't that something like an F?  Can you get an F-??

Get me?  I want to be the healthiest I can be, not healthier than average.  And I have no idea what that could possibly be, because of the junk. 

I feel like I'm at a cross-roads, or perhaps even at a crisis point (in the sense of things coming to a head).  I'm finally ready to bash through this bullshit "need" I have for junk.  My friend Carla suggested that I'm butting up against the edge of my comfort zone, and I think she's absolutely right.  I'm  tired of fighting the same things over and over, never feeling like I'm getting anywhere, or like I'm getting closer to the person I want to be.  The only person who can break through it is ME, just as the only person who can stop me is me!!  So what am I waiting for?

No more waiting.  No more hemming and hawing.  The time is NOW to make the changes!  So that's what I'm doing!! 

(cape on, chest out, symphony swelling behind me...)  I WILL TAKE STEPS TO LIVE THE LIFE OF MY DREAMS, AND TO BE THE BEST ME I CAN!!!  Can ya dig it?!

Of course, part of the person and lifestyle I want to be, will be with raw foods.  I'm still finding recipes, and learning techniques.  Currently I am reading Live Raw:  Raw Food Recipes for Good Health and Timeless Beauty, which I checked out of the library yesterday.  It's written by Mimi Kirk, who at more than 70 years old, was recently voted the sexiest vegetarian over 50!  I'd like to be voted the sexiest ANYTHING at ANY AGE! lol

It looks like a pretty interesting book, and right away I found a recipe for mini tostadas that I MUST make!  Oh my gosh they look absolutely DIVINE!  And super duper easy too--hardly any ingredients, and of course they're all fresh and lovely.  I think that will be the first recipe I try.  I'll let you know how it turns out, and if it's good, I'll give you the recipe.

Anyway, must go and get the couple of things at the supermarket that I couldn't get at the farmer's market.  Have a wonderful, healthy day everyone!!

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  1. A friend and I were talking about a similar thing last night, about how even though by societies standards we appear to eat uber healthy, we still notice a difference when we are not meeting our own level of standards. Once we start eating healthy and emliminating sugar/salt/etc from our diets we can definitely notice when we eat too much (even if it is below the average amount). It's all about finding the balance that works for us as individuals. Love reading your insights :)