Saturday, June 4, 2011

Raw Day Three

Raw Day Three was a little bit less raw than I'd like, only about 40%.  I attended a talk by a panel of scientists about vitamin D at the University of Guelph yesterday, and how much we really need.  The consensus is anywhere from 600 IU (International Units) to 2000 IU.  If you take a dose of liquid vitamin D3 (which is the one you want), for instance, you will get 1000 IU.

Anyway, I had bought a lovely raw salad with hemp seeds and everything, to eat for dinner, but I wasn't hungry until the middle of the night, which of course is WAY too late.  So my percent was off.  Oh well--life happens, right?

By the way, Karen Knowler, out of the UK, is a great source of inspiration and information on the Web.  There are also lots of videos on Youtube to watch, where she explains about going raw in a series of interviews, and also shows how to make many raw recipes.  See Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 for information about the raw lifestyle, and just browse Youtube for any recipes that peak your fancy.

Julia asked in yesterday's post if eating raw meant eating no cooked food at all, and if it means a mostly vegetarian/vegan diet.  She was also concerned about eating cold food all the time, and getting enough protein.  Great questions Julia!

Most people who lead 100% raw lifestyles, or "high raw", are raw vegans, though of course not all.  Raw Foodists eat nothing heated above about 118 F, as they believe that the enzymes and many of the vitamins and nutrients are lost from cooking over that temperature.  Some Raw Foodists consume things like raw milk, yogurt, etc. 

There's no reason to go 100% raw, however.  June for me will be "mostly" raw, which can be literally defined as between 51% and 100% raw.  I know that saying that I'll go 100% raw just won't work for me, so I'm not limiting myself in any way.  Eating a lot more raw food, whether it's 60% or 80%, will, as I understand it (this is just day four :) ), have an impact.  I live in an area of the world where fresh produce is very limited in the winter months, so being 100% raw during those times certainly would be both a challenge, and frankly kind of boring!  Plus, who wants to eat all cool or cold food all the time?  So Julia, it's more about finding out what works for you, not what works for others, and expecting yourself to do that.  Even Ani Phyo, who is a very successful raw food advocate, doesn't eat raw all the time!

As for getting enough protein, there are many raw foods which contain a surprising amount of plant-based protein.  This article explains about that.  I make a green smoothie or two each day, making sure that I add lots of dark leafy green veggies.  Spinach is lovely and mild, and you can't taste it in your smoothie!  I like the "green" flavours of stronger things, like fresh parsley, so I'm happy to include that too.  Green smoothies are great--they're chock full of goodness!  Looking for recipes and inspiration?  Green Monster Movement is a great site!

I promise--they're darned tasty!  You'll be hooked!

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