Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Raw Day Seven

Today (until dinner) was smoothie day!  I had 3 smoothies--two green and one "cream".  I also had the "oatmeal" I said I would be having in yesterday's post. 

I'm still amazed that I'm not hungry on smoothie days!  I mean, it's just liquid!  Yes, I know that it's the same as eating a salad each time (depending on what kind of smoothie is made), but it's just so weird! lol

Tonight for dinner I had sushi.  The rice in the sushi is the only thing that isn't raw, so I feel it fits with my "mostly raw" plans for this month.  Literally everything else I had today was raw, which is so cool!

I had a conversation with a friend today, about having difficulty with staying away from junk "food".  I said that I want so badly to just enjoy food for food's sake, exercise for exercise's sake, and just live my healthy lifestyle with joy. 

She said to me, "So do it".

I thought, "well thanks so much for pointing out the blatantly obvious to me!" but then I started really thinking about it, digesting it if you will, and I realized she's right.  I can't expect to live that life...if I don't already live that life.  If I don't start right now, this minute, living that life, then it will be beyond my reach forever.  There are always things to get in the way--it's just a matter of saying enough is enough, and living it.  So simple, and yet so profound!  Be it to achieve it, as they say!

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