Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Smoothie A Day, Day One

Welcome to Smoothieland!

Today is October 1st, which marks the first day that I'm drinking a green smoothie each day, preferably/hopefully for breakfast.

I woke up in the morning this morning, and thought, "I'll just lay in bed for a few mins to wake up."

Well, I woke up...again...and it was almost NOON!  What the HECK?!  I know I'm off this week but sheesh!  I gotta nip this in the bud!

As soon as I woke up, I was STARVING.  By that point I should have been almost at the point of eating lunch.  FAMISHED!  Not good, when you still have to make almond milk, make a smoothie, and THEN eat...

Anyway...bygones...  Lesson learned?  1) Set the alarm AND get up, and 2) Make the smoothie the night before!  Problem solved.

So here's the ingredients (for the most part) and what it looked like in the end.  Well, it was greener than the army-green that it appears in the pic (ruddy cell phone camera).

I ended up not using the vanilla like in the pic, and added a little bit of kale.  A very little bit of kale, actually, because I had to use my regular blender for making the smoothie, since my Nutribullet blade is currently AWOL.  Chunks of kale in a smoothie are ICK!

I also added the tiny bit of fruit that was left in one of the bags of frozen fruit, which turned out to be mango and a few strawberries.

So, for those interested, the ingredients list is:

1 banana
1 large handful baby spinach
A little bit of kale
A handful of strawberries
About a half cup of rasperries
A few frozen mango pieces
1/2 tbsp chia seeds
1.5 tbsp hemp hearts
4 dates (I should have used a few more)
2 cups (approximately) of almond milk

Nutritious and delicious!

And would I have eaten all that for breakfast?  File that under, "Heeel Naw!"  I'm not the salad for breakfast kind of person. ;)

Want to make your own almond milk?  Click here for instructions!

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