Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Happy sunny FINALLY WARM(ish) DAY!

It's been a while...well let's be honest, it's been a looooong while...since I've posted, but I'm... say that today is DAY 49 of a processed sugar-free me!!!

I really can't get over it.  It hasn't always been easy.  It's still Easter Junk Season.  I have random chocolate-bunny-cravings...not just chocolate, oh no nothing so simple.  I mean bunny chocolate specifically.  Once in a while I can quite literally taste it.  Weird eh?

Nevertheless, I have stayed strong.  Last week was my boss's (unexpected and emotional) last day, and nearly everything that was brought for the goodbye coffee was sugary.  But it didn't even really tempt me very much, which really surprised me.  I had some cheese, and some fruit. :)

Afterward, a co-worker who knows how hard avoiding processed sugar has been for me my whole life, and has seen me attempt to be processed sugar-free before, commented to me that it seemed a lot easier on me this time.  I thought about it, and had to agree.  It's not that it didn't look good (they had CARROT CAKE, PEOPLE!!) but, I'm not eating processed sugar.  Period as it turns out.  


Anyway, so very happy that things are progressing!

There's another, more secret thing that I've been in the process of doing and which I'm excited about--juicing!

I've been having wonderful, fresh, raw mostly veggie with some fruit juices for breakfast on many days over the first few weeks.  No pressure, just enjoyment.  

It's been great!  At first, my body was all "WHAT THE?!" but surprisingly quickly it seemed to understand the massive amount of vitamins and nutrients it was getting, and settled down.  Even more than that, I started to feel satisfied!  That was a shock, and it really didn't take much to get to that part, which is amazing.

On Saturday (3 days from today) I'm transitioning to Phase 2 (of 3)--fresh nutritious juice for breakfast, everyday.  I'm so looking forward to it!  The only reason I'm not starting tomorrow, is because I'm attending a book launch of a friend's new cookbook tomorrow, which is in Toronto.  We'll be there until Friday evening, but just TRY to stop me from starting after that!!

It just feels like now is the time to make the final push in my health.  To finally reach my long-dreamed-for goals.  I think I'm finally ready for the big change which is sure to come.  But as a friend just said (like 10 minutes ago lol)--"Stop thinking about it.  Just juice.  Don't make it a big head thing." which I thought was brilliant and frankly kind of profound.  I love fresh juice, I love how it makes me feel, how good for me it is.  So, I will just juice, and enjoy it--both the juice itself, and the path it will bring me down.  Wherever it leads!

If you're interested in juicing, and want to know all about it, there's a great YouTube channel called Raw Raw Life, which quite literally will answer any question you might have, if you watch enough of the videos!  The lady on the videos, Carla Douglin, is so insightful and honest, and frankly HILARIOUS a lot of the time.  I definitely recommend checking it out.

You can find the channel here: Raw Raw Life On YouTube  

Here's one to get your started. :)

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