Friday, August 23, 2013

People these days, especially women and teenage girls, think that fruit is evil and to be avoided at all costs.  They quote some information they heard about sugar in fruit being the same as processed sugar you find in things like cupcakes and chocolate bars.  Which is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS!

If that were true, then raw foodists, many of whom eat tonnes of fruit every day, would be enormous and super unhealthy.  But they're not.  

If that were true, you (and I) would feel ill eating both processed sugar, and fruit.  But that's not true, is it?  I definitely feel ill when I eat processed sugar, but I feel amazing after eating fruit.  

It's the same tired argument that the diet industry has been spouting at us all for years:

They lump carbs all together, saying they're all bad.  Is lettuce the same as white processed bread?  They're both carbs.  But of course they aren't the same!!

They lump fats all together, saying they're all bad.  Is eating a block of cheese the same as eating an avocado?  They're both fats.  They're not the same either!

The thing is, the diet industry is out to make money, just like any business.  If you eliminate your client-based, then the business has no income.  So if a diet helps you lose weight, and keep it off...then it will eventually go out of business.  Does that make sense?

The diet industry doesn't want you to lose and maintain weight loss.  Nor does it want you to be healthy and happy.  It wants you to hate yourself, to feel inadequate, fat, stupid, useless, lazy.  It wants you to do anything it tells you, to "fix yourself and your life".  But it also wants you to fail at these things, and keep coming back.  Repeat customers is the basis of any profitable business.  

Sounds pretty evil, doesn't it?  So what's the answer?  Just eat real food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants. :)  It's not difficult at all.  No counting, no stressing.  Eat delicious food which makes you feel amazing, get moving, and be happy.  Period. :)

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