Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Have you ever thought about the saying, “You are what you eat”?  We’ve all heard it many times over the years, but what many people don’t get is that it’s quite literally true.
People who eat junky, processed foods all the time, and people who avoid anything remotely resembling a fruit or *gasp!* a vegetable, don’t know how bad they feel all the time, because they’ve never known any other way.
When we put “food” in our bodies (which are essentially biological machines) with little to no nutrients, we’re forcing our bodies to somehow make use of the fuel we’ve given them, a fuel that we’re not designed to run on.  What would happen if you put sugar in your gas tank?  A whole lot of nothin’—your car would be trashed.
Yet we put substances in our bodies all the time—in many instances every day—which our bodies aren’t designed to run on. 
So OK, most of us know that we should eat more real food:  More whole grains, more fruits and veggies, more low-fat dairy, more lean meats.  But what does it really MEAN if we eat the Standard American Diet?  What does it mean to our bodies?
Each and every microscopic cell in our bodies is made from the fuel we put in it.  Every single cell that makes up our eyes, our skin, our heart, our lungs, our stomach, our bones, our hands…  Every single part is made up of what we put into our bodies.  So if we eat a lot of processed food--food full of chemicals and preservatives to make it “look better” and “taste better”, every single lab-created chemical substance that is added to make the franken-food product in the package seem more like food you might want to eat—everything horrible and poisonous that masquerades as food, is what every single cell of your body is made of.
How well do you think your biological machine is running?  How long do you think your biological machine is going to continue to run?  Are you going to be surprised when your body no longer runs, because you’ve put sugar and chemicals in your gas tank?  Will it seem worth it in the end?
Your body makes new cells continuously, with the food you eat each day.  You can halt and begin to reverse the effect of the chemicals right this moment, simply by removing them from your life.  Every healthy, whole food you put into your mouth will put you one step closer to being the vibrant, happy person you’re meant to be.  The person with energy and vitality. 

It’s time to leave your unhealthy body behind.  All it takes is one small step, and then another.  It’s time.
And no, it’s not more expensive to buy real food than processed food--it's all about where you shop.  It IS more expensive to buy food than to eat chemicals which are formed into the shapes of burgers which sell for 39 cents.  Stay tuned for a future post about that! 

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