Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's Friday, which means that all the produce which remains in my fridge needs to be used, to make room for more.  This week it's kind of a lot of stuff for some reason, and while some of them are good to eat on their own, like the cauliflower (steamed cauliflower...YUUUUUM), making something like a stir-fry or veggie soup out of the remainder might be a little weird.  And the apples are only semi-firm and a bit manky...

What to do?  Oh what to do??

Why, make juice of course!

It's really hard to make juice that is gross.  I suppose it's possible, but I haven't done it yet, despite often throwing whatever is in the fridge together in a glass.

Juice #1 was an apple, and 1/2 a head of celery, leaves and all.  I drank that right away, and it was delish!

Just #2 made a lot more than one glass worth, so I poured it into a carafe and put it in the fridge.  This morning I had that, and poached eggs with hot sauce.  I forgot to put ginger in it unfortunately, but it was still delish!  I just love fresh-made veg juice with some fruit in it.  It's so full of healthy goodness!  About 30 minutes after that breakfast, I felt FANTASTIC.  My body really thanks me when I pack it full of nutrients!!

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