Thursday, June 23, 2011

Raw Day Twenty-Three

Dude--I'm MORPHING into something strange and unusual, but kinda wonderful too!

I was walking home today, when I happened to see a small fallen branch.  On the branch was a clump of very dry but still green leaves.  My first thought was, "Mmmm!  Crunchy kale!!"

WHAT WAS THAT???  Since when have I associated dried, dead leaves with KALE??  Free association with healthy foods?! 

What in the world am I becoming???  HAHA!

I'm also deleriously happy that I'm going to put on a new batch of raw granola!  I thought I'd get all gutzy and maybe put in some pumpkin seed butter in this one!  Revolutionary I know! 

Tomorrow, provided it doesn't rain the whole day, is my work BBQ.  I won't be eating raw for that meal, other than salads and fruit which will hopefully be there.  I signed up for a burger!  I have one every year at the BBQ.  I don't know what they do to them--maybe it's just that it's outside, and all the mucky much managers are feeding us food they make themselves--but the burgers are so darned good!  Seriously!  So I'll be all over that for sure.

After work, I'll be playing soccer.  For the first time.  I keep telling the captain of the team that I don't know anything about soccer (other than that their butts look great from all the running lol), and I'm not exactly going to be an asset to the team, but she keeps begging!  OK FINE, but you get what you get sista!  Who knows, maybe they'll help me to learn, and maybe I'll find something I like.  A fun form of exercise is always welcome!

See everyone tomorrow...provided I survive the game!

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