Saturday, February 6, 2016

Time For Another 100 Days of Real Food!

A couple of years ago, I committed to 100 days of real food.  I did pretty well, and felt not only really proud of myself, but really good physically.  Since then, things were really tough for a couple of years, and because of that, I fell off the health track.

Now, I'm ready to move forward and regain my fitness and my health.  I'm 42 now, and I know that now is the time.  I already suddenly have high blood-pressure, which up until now was literally perfect.  Clearly my body is telling me enough is enough!

So, starting today, I'm embarking on 100 days of real food.  100 days from today is May 16th.

So what does that mean for me?

Well, it means that I'll be eating real food at least 90% of the time.  Why 90%?  Because I want to allow for some wiggle room, in case for example I'm invited to someone's house.  I don't want to have to bring my own food, or insist that they make something specific for me.  I don't want that kind of relationship with food--I want it to be real-life, but healthy real-life!

90% + real food, means if you eat 3 meals a day for a week for example, which equals 35 meals, then I have a maximum of 3 "not whole food" meals at my disposal, if I need it.  

I'm talking realistic meals here too--I can't go to an all-you-can-eat fried food convention, and count
that as one meal, just because I ate it all at once.  It might be more like 3 "things" a week that aren't whole food--so maybe 1) an iced coffee from a coffee shop, 2) dinner at a friend's home, 3) ice cream on a hot day in a week.  That seems like a lot, when I look at it that way!

In the past, when I've focused on eating real food, I was afraid to make healthy versions of treats like muffins and cookies, because I've had trouble limiting myself.  The idea was to avoid it, because I thought I'd have trouble, and I'd work on not having trouble in the future.  But I now realize that I can't very well learn to limit myself with these things, if I never make them!  And I want to have them during these 100 days, so dammit I'm going to make them!!

I'm really looking forward to making delicious real food meals.  I know full well that healthy food can be utterly delicious, and I have many recipes on my computer which I want to try, and many many more recipes out there for me to discover!!

OK!  No more blogging!  Time to search for recipes to make next week!  

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