Monday, February 15, 2016

100 Days of Real Food - Day 10

A few days ago, I visited a nutrition consultant.  I'd thought about doing it for a long time, but hadn't gotten around to it.  Since now seemed to be as good a time as any (and my friend, who had gone in January, was suggesting rather forcefully that I make an appointment!), I made the appointment.

The idea behind going to the consultant, wasn't to find out things like if I was allergic to certain foods (food-allergy testing is different) but rather to discover which foods my body doesn't do well with.  While "intolerances" don't get as much attention as allergies do, if you think about it, if you eat a lot of foods which stress your body, it can still have a real impact on your health, and how you feel on a day-to-day basis.

Another of the things that they tested me for were things like viruses, bacteria and parasites.  I was particularly interested in these as well, as I've traveled to other countries, and have eaten a lot of raw fish (sushi) in my day.

He asked me what my main goals were, and I said basically I want to regain my health.  That's definitely numero uno.  I'd of course like to regain my waist-size, but I know that my health is the most important thing, and following that path will naturally result in a slim-down anyway.

I was kind of expecting to have a lot of things that I needed to change, but it turns out that I'm not too bad.  I don't have any of the parasites that you might find in raw fish (yay!), or any of the other of the  myriad possibilities (seriously...there were SO MANY!!).  In fact, I only have one, which I've apparently had for a while now, which apparently is relatively common, and you can get in many ways, including from pets, which I used to have.  It's called Giardia lamblia.  I'll let you follow the link if you're interested--no need to post about it here. :)

Anyway, my test results indicated that I'm not properly absorbing virtually every nutrient on the list, and in some cases, my nutrient absorption rate is very very low.  The practitioner indicated that my parasites would be lining the walls of my intestines, which provide them with lots of nutrients, but prevent ME from absorbing a lot of them.  They're like unwelcome house-guests who keep eating all the food!!!

The other thing that came of this initial testing, is that I appear to be cow-dairy intolerant.  I had no idea, but thinking about it I'm starting to see a pattern in the past, of occasional stomach aches, and I often used to wake up the day after eating dairy, with a phlegm-y cough.

The practitioner indicated that cow dairy may be the cause of my life-long sleep issues (I have a lot of trouble falling asleep, and rarely wake in the morning rested, unless I'm allowed to sleep until I'm ready to wake up), which would be amazing if it turned out to be true.  Normal sleeping would be fantastic!!

SO!  I have to avoid cow dairy, and do a not-very-taxing cleanse, to clean out my house-guests: stay away from all non naturally-occurring sugars (naturally-occurring being fruit and other kinds of dairy for example), and limit naturally-occurring sugars.  I'm to limit sugars in general, because my house-guests love sugar, so not having it in my "house" means they don't have anything to eat really).  I can occasionally have dairy-free chocolate, or make my own raw chocolate (yum), but only occasionally, and only a little.  His exact words were, "Don't go crazy" LOL.  I'm translating that as once in a while have a square or two, as a treat. :)  I asked if my house-guests might be the cause of my huge sugar-cravings, and he smiled and said, "yep!".  If that's the case, not having those cravings to contend with after this would be a MAJOR added bonus!

My next step, was to go through my kitchen and get rid of anything not on the plan for the next 2 months, until my follow-up appointment on April 15th.

Image from Jamie Oliver
Turns out that the bread I normally buy has neither dairy nor sugar in it, so no change needed there.  If I want to have English muffins for Eggs Benedict, I'm going to need to look around for sugar and dairy-free possibilities.  I know that I've seen Food For Life breads in the health section of my local grocery store, and I'm pretty sure I've seen their English muffins too, though not necessarily in the same place LOL.  I've never tried their stuff before, but I guess I'll be trying it now!

Ironically, I'd bought a big box of cereal, 2L of organic cow's milk, sour cream, and a few other things, just last weekend, which I now need to give away.  Could be worse though!

Now, I'm looking through dairy-free, sugar-free recipes on the 'Net.  It's going to be a big change in how I cook, but I think only because I would use honey in a lot of things, and now there's to be no added sugar.  So I may have made salad rolls in rice-paper wraps, but the dip (which is an important part!) always has some sort of sweetener.  That doesn't mean I can't make it at all over the next two months or so, but it means I'll have to relegate it to the realm of "treat", and make the sauce with less sugar.  And use less too.  There are ways and ways, right?

Turns out there are quite a number of recipes to try, which makes me happy.  Some of them, I'll have to check to make sure that the ingredients I pick up are sugar and dairy-free (sugar especially is in nearly EVERYTHING that's pre-made), like looking at the ingredients in things like bacon.  I think I can reasonably purchase fresh bacon from the butcher, but the packaged stuff may have sugar in it.

This is the second day of my new and amazing way of eating, so I thought I'd share a couple of the meals that I've eaten so far.  Last night I also made pasta sauce, but all I had in the pantry was diced tomatoes instead of pureed, and the resulting sauce was a bit bland, so though I ate it, I didn't think it deserved a pic.

Yesterday for breakfast, I had 2 eggs with avocado on toast, with a bit of hot sauce (which it turns out had sugar in it.  D'OH!).

Day 2 (today) for breakfast I had oatmeal.  I used almond milk, cinnamon and vanilla to make the oatmeal, and had about 1/2 cup frozen fruit (no sugar added), plus added some cashews and hemp powder for some added protein.  Plus tea and goat's milk.  I haven't taken sugar in my tea for years (I used to take FOUR!), so that wasn't a change I had to make.

Hopefully that isn't too much sugar.  I figure that maybe one fruit per day or maybe every other day  would be OK.  Fruit is so yummy and nutritious!  

For lunch today, I think I'll have avocado on toast with lots of fresh ground pepper.  I'd shave on some Parmesan, but the kind I have (I assume) is cow dairy.  

Not sure about dinner.  Today is a holiday, so the supermarket isn't open (nor is anything else), so I can't start to purchase ingredients until tomorrow.  I hope I have something in the freezer!  

Tomorrow's breakfast will be oatmeal again, but lunch...  Actually, I think I may make olive oil mayo, and if it turns out, I'll make an egg salad sandwich.  I've never made mayo before, but it looks simple enough and I have all the ingredients.  I also would rather not buy vegan mayo (vegan because of the dairy), since it seems to me it may be kind of processed (and thus may contain sugar), I don't know how it would taste, and it will most certainly be more expensive than me making it.  

Lately, I've taken to saving good jars that I end up with, after using the contents.  I have a jar that I think is about 1 cup (conveniently, the size of the mayo recipe) from Farm Boy raw honey (which is seriously tasty!) which has a good tight lid, so that works out great.

OK off to look for some more recipes, so I can shop tomorrow--I don't want to find myself without anything to make, since I can't readily pick something up.  It's all about preparation, right?

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